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Will SEO Soon Die?

These days, many bloggers argue that SEO may become obsolete in 5 years. The statement is a paradox. People’s search intent will never be lost, so search engine will not lose its values. As long as search engine exists, nothing can replace the importance of organic search results in search engines’ economic model. However, the way that how search results display has been changing. It is quite obvious  that Google is now aggressively following the suits of its customer match ability, which means organic search rankings is customized based on individual search experience. SEO is not dying, but the way to do SEO is changing. More like Google paid ads and social media, organic search will go customized. For digital marketer, SEO should be data-driven. Who owns the most useful data, who wins the game. In this fast-changing industry, SEOers should quickly catch new skill to create personalized experience organic search.

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