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Google’s Recent Changes Increase Mobile Ads Spend

Google’s changes can always have great impact on online marketing. Google’s search traffic has shifted to mobile rapidly. In order to serve the mobile ads, Google has made some big changes on mobile SERP layouts. The changes increase advertisers’ ad spends and hit the organic search. As you may notice, Google now display three ads on the top of phone pages instead of two. While the impression of mobile ads go up, the click through rate is expected to go down. Possibly, the average positions move farther down the page, indicating that the impression of ads that are still on the bottom will be decreased, although the third text ad that goes up to the top of the page can gain substantially increased impressions. The other big change is that Google doubled the size of product listing ads, which almost take up almost all the space above the organic search result of some small-screen phones.  From these changes, we can conclude that Google’s actions make SEO suffers, and encourage online marketers to spend more time and more money on mobile ads.

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