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2016: Manual Link Building Will Not Be Obsolete

Columnist Eric Ward pointed out that manual link building will not be obsolete in 2016 and beyond. Because of the quantity matter, link building generates some quality issues and many links are detected as spam. Along with the update of Penguin, many online marketing firms abandoned link building as a SEO method. In the same time, content marketing gradually overtakes link building. Indeed, high quality content is very useful to attract many audience. However, content marketing cannot really replace the role of link building. Google still make the quantity of link as an important signal. You may say if many people share good posts, you will automatically gain many links. Actually, it is not true according to recent study. Links should always be built manually, it is hard to generate large amount of links automatically. Manual link building can target right audience with right content. The result you achieve is far more better than automatic link buildings.

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