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7 Common Lies About SEO

When talking about SEO, we often hear below untruths from so-called SEO guru. Although these lies sound reasonable, only experienced SEOers know what really happens behind the scene. Practical experience is much more important than theory. Now, let’s see if you often read about following untruth SEO tips:

  1. Content is King.
  2. Just Follow Google’s Terms and Conditions and Everything Will Work Out Just Fine.
  3. Black Hat Techniques Do Not Work
  4. Using Your Keywords in Your Domain Name Does Not Work
  5. You Will Get Penalized if You Buy Links
  6. I Will Get You Ranked On The First Page of Google

What we say they are ‘lies’ doesn’t mean they are wrong. Learning from daily SEO work, every SEOer has own strategies that work best for them. There are no absolute right or wrong ways to do SEO. The key to measure your SEO effort is the popularity of your site.

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