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10 beautiful E-commerce websites of shoes

The New York’s website designers are always able to make normal things so good, such as the type of shoe-making websites here, what kind of strange changes will happen when wearing shoes on foot?
Escaping from busy time, grasping a cup of coffee, quietly to appreciate this, like the art of art

Creating beautiful web designs: 9 details that matter

There are many good web designers out there, thousands of them, but there aren’t so many great designers. The difference between a good and a great designer? Details! Just like for product design, where Apple makes its products better by paying attention to every little detail, you can make a big difference in web design […]

10 Website SEO Promotion Tips

If you want to successfully promote your website, you’ll need to use a variety of different techniques. These include SEO, social media marketing, link building, and more. Keep reading for 10 web promotion tips that employ a number of different methods to get the word out about your website. As an expertise of  Wed Design […]

Quick ASO actions to improve your mobile app’s downloads

What is ASO? If you google “What is ASO”? you might get this answer: The ASO test is primarily used to help determine whether a recent strep infection with group A Streptococcus… That’s something else. The ASO you need to focus on is “What is App Store Optimization”. ASO is your mobile app’s fast lane […]

Real-Time Algorithm Could Be a Possible Bad News for SEOers

  • March 18, 2016
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Source: Search Engine Land Why Real-Time Algorithm may be a bad news? Here are some reasons. First, algorithm penalties are harder to be found out by SEOers than manual penalties. Manual penalties will notify you in the Google Webmaster, while algorithm penalties usually come without warning. Second, companies will be charged heavily with spamming links. […]

22 Useful Resources for Web Design Professionals

Line 25 has listed 22 must-read article list for web designers.  You will learn a lot from these reading materials. You are not going to learn how to make a creative designs, but also an effective design that can really grow the business. Reading these 22 articles can help you get newest ideas for web […]

Test How much You Know About SEO

  • January 8, 2016
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SEO is now a trending word in digital marketing. Do you consider yourself an SEO guru? Let’s do an SEO test designed by Search Engine Land. Here are some tips about this test: All the questions of the test are multiple choice. There may be more than one answers for some questions. Some questions may […]

10 Worst Web Designs of 2015

Online Technology World awarded 10 worst web designs of 2015. Here is the list for you to check and see if you can learn any lesson from them. 1. Bath Magic Inc. – 2. Mr Bottles – 3. Penny Juice – 4. Arngren – 5. University of Advancing Technology – […]

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