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7 Common Lies About SEO

When talking about SEO, we often hear below untruths from so-called SEO guru. Although these lies sound reasonable, only experienced SEOers know what really happens behind the scene. Practical experience is much more important than theory. Now, let’s see if you often read about following untruth SEO tips: Content is King. Just Follow Google’s Terms […]

50 Influential Woman in Online Marketing

As a marketer, it is prudent to gather updated information from multiple sources, including internal teams, clients, third-parties  and industrial influences.  Here we list 50 influential woman in online marketing. The list was created strictly by a combination of multiple resources, including past Women Who Rock Social Media lists, outstanding online marketers and Traackr’s tool. Mari Smith […]

4 Hot Mobile Marketing Trends in 2016

Mobile internet users has overtaken desktop users. Almost every one is mobile-savvy. As devices and technology update rapidly every year, so too do our marketing strategies. Kissmetrics predicts 4 how mobile marketing trends that every marketer should watch in 2016. First, customer-centric will become customer-obsessive. Online marketing professionals start to creating more meaningful interactions to […]

2016: Manual Link Building Will Not Be Obsolete

Columnist Eric Ward pointed out that manual link building will not be obsolete in 2016 and beyond. Because of the quantity matter, link building generates some quality issues and many links are detected as spam. Along with the update of Penguin, many online marketing firms abandoned link building as a SEO method. In the same […]

Best Free iPhone Apps of 2015

Tech Radar elected some best apps for iPhone in 2015 in its 2015 report. These apps are useful, innovative and free. They have different functions and target diverse groups of people. Here, we select some most interesting apps for you. If you find one attracts to you, just download and try it! WhatsApp It is […]

How to use Pinterest to Optimize Keywords

Why Pinterest? We all know that Google Keyword Planner is good for paid search, but it is not adequate. We are now challenged to find long tail keywords relating to our business. What are the real-time most popular keywords? What are people talking about our similar products currently? Pinterest, which is much more focuses on […]

FAQ about Google RankBrain Algorithm

  • November 16, 2015
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The emerged news that Google was using RankBrain, a new artificial intelligence system to refine the query search results has aroused interests among search engine professionals. Marketers raise many important questions around Google’s new algorithm and its impacts on online marketing. What is RankBrain? What is the difference between RankBrain and PageRank? What are the […]

Google’s Recent Changes Increase Mobile Ads Spend

Google’s changes can always have great impact on online marketing. Google’s search traffic has shifted to mobile rapidly. In order to serve the mobile ads, Google has made some big changes on mobile SERP layouts. The changes increase advertisers’ ad spends and hit the organic search. As you may notice, Google now display three ads […]

Will SEO Soon Die?

These days, many bloggers argue that SEO may become obsolete in 5 years. The statement is a paradox. People’s search intent will never be lost, so search engine will not lose its values. As long as search engine exists, nothing can replace the importance of organic search results in search engines’ economic model. However, the […]

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