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4 Hot Mobile Marketing Trends in 2016

Mobile internet users has overtaken desktop users. Almost every one is mobile-savvy. As devices and technology update rapidly every year, so too do our marketing strategies. Kissmetrics predicts 4 how mobile marketing trends that every marketer should watch in 2016. First, customer-centric will become customer-obsessive. Online marketing professionals start to creating more meaningful interactions to […]

Google’s Recent Changes Increase Mobile Ads Spend

Google’s changes can always have great impact on online marketing. Google’s search traffic has shifted to mobile rapidly. In order to serve the mobile ads, Google has made some big changes on mobile SERP layouts. The changes increase advertisers’ ad spends and hit the organic search. As you may notice, Google now display three ads […]

Story of Lynn Terry: How She Runs Her Online Business

“I have an amazingly busy, fast-paced, FUN lifestyle – with tons of adventure and plenty of downtime.“said Lynn. As a digital marketer, Lynn has been in business for more than 18 years, working from online and home. Things changed fast in digital marketing area, why Lynn can be so successful in her online marketing strategy? […]

What’s New for Web Designers, 2015 Autumn

What are trending resources for web designers and developers in Autumn,2015? Here is a stunning list of free and high-value paid applications and tools, which are useful for web designers and developers at all different levels. We cannot stop learning to keep up with web design trends in this beautiful season. Fizzle Annex DayDeed Zube […]

How to Win Back Your Lost Customers

Your sites may have thousands of page views per day, but only a small part of your visitors purchase your products. Winning back customers who came to your website but didn’t buy anything can be an effective way to improve your conversion rate. Why these customers didn’t buy your product? I believe everyone has a […]

Incredibly Comprehensive List of Web Design Resources

Unlike decades ago, benefits of business going online are incredible today. A well-designed and professional company website is a leading platform for company to promote its business. Although many web design and web development companies can help you to build a highly customized website, it is better for you to get more knowledge of web […]

How to Increase Sales On Amazon for FREE

Many small business owners have problems in increasing sales of the retail goods on Amazon, but they don’t want to pay a penny in any sponsored ads. Online marketing should be appropriately implement for such clients. Although the ranking competition in Amazon is as fierce as in Google search, retailers should always be patient and […]