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7 Common Lies About SEO

When talking about SEO, we often hear below untruths from so-called SEO guru. Although these lies sound reasonable, only experienced SEOers know what really happens behind the scene. Practical experience is much more important than theory. Now, let’s see if you often read about following untruth SEO tips: Content is King. Just Follow Google’s Terms […]

How to use Pinterest to Optimize Keywords

Why Pinterest? We all know that Google Keyword Planner is good for paid search, but it is not adequate. We are now challenged to find long tail keywords relating to our business. What are the real-time most popular keywords? What are people talking about our similar products currently? Pinterest, which is much more focuses on […]

How to Generate Profitable Keywords for Online Marketing

Although Google doesn’t put keyword meta tags in search rankings, keywords still play a very important role in SEO.  Searching keyword is the first step to drive most of your clients to your website. If Google Keyword Planner is the only choice for your keyword generator, you are out of date. There are other useful […]

How Can Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Automation Boost Your Outreach Effort?

By Guest Post Opinions on social media automation swing both ways – some would tell you it’s good to use, others would tell you it’s a mistake you’d better avoid. However, if you’ve had any experience managing a few social media pages, you know just how demanding the job can be. With posts, notifications, comments, […]

Tips for How to Create Appealing Contents

Do you have troubles creating your blog or social media contents? No worry, many people do. Creating a reader-appealing content is not that difficult if you pay enough efforts on it. You can collect related and deep information by conducting primary and secondary research.  Social media and online materials can be very useful to search […]