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FAQ about Google RankBrain Algorithm

  • November 16, 2015
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The emerged news that Google was using RankBrain, a new artificial intelligence system to refine the query search results has aroused interests among search engine professionals. Marketers raise many important questions around Google’s new algorithm and its impacts on online marketing. What is RankBrain? What is the difference between RankBrain and PageRank? What are the […]

Google’s Recent Changes Increase Mobile Ads Spend

Google’s changes can always have great impact on online marketing. Google’s search traffic has shifted to mobile rapidly. In order to serve the mobile ads, Google has made some big changes on mobile SERP layouts. The changes increase advertisers’ ad spends and hit the organic search. As you may notice, Google now display three ads […]

Google Didn’t Leave Wikipedia

Although the founder of Wikipedia confirmed the declining google traffic of Wikipedia several months ago, the latest reports show that Wikipedia still performs better than Google properties on Google search. Google still loves Wikipedia. Based on the latest report, there are stunning level of traffic of Google properties is from Wikipedia. Wikipedia did loss its […]