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Best Free iPhone Apps of 2015

Tech Radar elected some best apps for iPhone in 2015 in its 2015 report. These apps are useful, innovative and free. They have different functions and target diverse groups of people. Here, we select some most interesting apps for you. If you find one attracts to you, just download and try it! WhatsApp It is […]

Web Design Comics

Let us lighten your day with comics related to web design. The comics reflect web designers’ real life in a humorous way. Creativity and humor are web designers’ valuable assets. Enjoy and you may find your own stories in the comics. Image Source:

Advice for Converting A Desktop Site to Mobile

Google makes mobile-friendliness as one important ranking signals, since the popularity of mobile usage has overtaken the popularity of desktop. Some web designers develop two totally different versions of mobile website and desktop website. However, the continuity of your website can affect your brand image. To make your brand more recognizable, and to save your […]

How Sexy is Your Web Design?

Your target audience decides the style of your website. It is obvious that individuals in different segments tend to  have very diverse tastes on web design according to their gender, age, occupation, nationality and even more factors. For web designers, in most of time, target audience is not that specific. However, gender can be the […]

How To Design and Develop Wearable Apps

If your users are going to buy Smart watches, bands or glasses today, will your app be compatible to their new platform? Most of you are familiar with mobile app design, but developing a wearable app can make your app be exposed to users anytime and anywhere. Worth a try, isn’ it? The popularity of […]