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7 Common Lies About SEO

When talking about SEO, we often hear below untruths from so-called SEO guru. Although these lies sound reasonable, only experienced SEOers know what really happens behind the scene. Practical experience is much more important than theory. Now, let’s see if you often read about following untruth SEO tips: Content is King. Just Follow Google’s Terms […]

50 Influential Woman in Online Marketing

As a marketer, it is prudent to gather updated information from multiple sources, including internal teams, clients, third-parties  and industrial influences.  Here we list 50 influential woman in online marketing. The list was created strictly by a combination of multiple resources, including past Women Who Rock Social Media lists, outstanding online marketers and Traackr’s tool. Mari Smith […]

4 Hot Mobile Marketing Trends in 2016

Mobile internet users has overtaken desktop users. Almost every one is mobile-savvy. As devices and technology update rapidly every year, so too do our marketing strategies. Kissmetrics predicts 4 how mobile marketing trends that every marketer should watch in 2016. First, customer-centric will become customer-obsessive. Online marketing professionals start to creating more meaningful interactions to […]

2016: Manual Link Building Will Not Be Obsolete

Columnist Eric Ward pointed out that manual link building will not be obsolete in 2016 and beyond. Because of the quantity matter, link building generates some quality issues and many links are detected as spam. Along with the update of Penguin, many online marketing firms abandoned link building as a SEO method. In the same […]

Google’s Recent Changes Increase Mobile Ads Spend

Google’s changes can always have great impact on online marketing. Google’s search traffic has shifted to mobile rapidly. In order to serve the mobile ads, Google has made some big changes on mobile SERP layouts. The changes increase advertisers’ ad spends and hit the organic search. As you may notice, Google now display three ads […]

Story of Lynn Terry: How She Runs Her Online Business

“I have an amazingly busy, fast-paced, FUN lifestyle – with tons of adventure and plenty of downtime.“said Lynn. As a digital marketer, Lynn has been in business for more than 18 years, working from online and home. Things changed fast in digital marketing area, why Lynn can be so successful in her online marketing strategy? […]

How to Generate Profitable Keywords for Online Marketing

Although Google doesn’t put keyword meta tags in search rankings, keywords still play a very important role in SEO.  Searching keyword is the first step to drive most of your clients to your website. If Google Keyword Planner is the only choice for your keyword generator, you are out of date. There are other useful […]

5 Useful Online Marketing Tips for Retailers This Christmas

Thanks giving and Christmas are around corner again. You may feel how fast the time flies, so don’t lose this year’s great sales opportunity in holiday season. What are the key online marketing tips for you? First, promote your Facebook ads and increase engagement. Second, compare your last holiday season’s google ad performance pattern and […]

Online Shopping Storm Is Coming. Are You Ready?!

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, which means the online shopping storm is coming. Business owners, are you prepared for the storm? Don’t lose any single opportunity for growing your online business. By following 5 steps, you will win the battle in this year’s holiday season. First, as you may know, mobile users […]

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