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22 Useful Resources for Web Design Professionals

Line 25 has listed 22 must-read article list for web designers.  You will learn a lot from these reading materials. You are not going to learn how to make a creative designs, but also an effective design that can really grow the business. Reading these 22 articles can help you get newest ideas for web […]

Web Design Comics

Let us lighten your day with comics related to web design. The comics reflect web designers’ real life in a humorous way. Creativity and humor are web designers’ valuable assets. Enjoy and you may find your own stories in the comics. Image Source:

5 Useful Online Marketing Tips for Retailers This Christmas

Thanks giving and Christmas are around corner again. You may feel how fast the time flies, so don’t lose this year’s great sales opportunity in holiday season. What are the key online marketing tips for you? First, promote your Facebook ads and increase engagement. Second, compare your last holiday season’s google ad performance pattern and […]

Advice for Converting A Desktop Site to Mobile

Google makes mobile-friendliness as one important ranking signals, since the popularity of mobile usage has overtaken the popularity of desktop. Some web designers develop two totally different versions of mobile website and desktop website. However, the continuity of your website can affect your brand image. To make your brand more recognizable, and to save your […]

How Sexy is Your Web Design?

Your target audience decides the style of your website. It is obvious that individuals in different segments tend to  have very diverse tastes on web design according to their gender, age, occupation, nationality and even more factors. For web designers, in most of time, target audience is not that specific. However, gender can be the […]

Online Shopping Storm Is Coming. Are You Ready?!

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, which means the online shopping storm is coming. Business owners, are you prepared for the storm? Don’t lose any single opportunity for growing your online business. By following 5 steps, you will win the battle in this year’s holiday season. First, as you may know, mobile users […]

Useful Tools to Create Handmade Style

Since handmade style is able to create a fun, unique and authentic visual effect, it became a trending style in almost all design works from print design to web design.  Using real-life tools and finding designers to create your own handmade style can be time-consuming and expensive. There is no wonder why digital handmade creating […]

What’s New for Web Designers, 2015 Autumn

What are trending resources for web designers and developers in Autumn,2015? Here is a stunning list of free and high-value paid applications and tools, which are useful for web designers and developers at all different levels. We cannot stop learning to keep up with web design trends in this beautiful season. Fizzle Annex DayDeed Zube […]

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